Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Which type of survey should I choose?
A. The type of survey you choose depends mainly on the age and condition of the property.

The Homebuyer report is designed for properties of traditional construction, under 100 years old that appear to be in a reasonable/good condition.

The Building Survey is recommended for properties over 100 years old or a property that is in a poor state of repair, or of a bespoke/unusual construction. Our dedicated Sales Team are on hand to provide their guidance and expertise on choosing the correct survey.

Q. Are your surveyors qualified?
A. All surveyors employed by Miller Metcalfe are Members or Fellows of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading regulatory authority in the industry.  Our Surveyors also hold a current VRS certificate which is compulsory to undertake valuation work.

Q. Do all surveys include a valuation?
A. No.

The RICS HomeBuyers report does include a valuation as standard and is provided for guidance only. This report also includes a reinstatement/rebuild cost for insurance

Home Condition Report – No valuation.

The RICS Building Survey – No valuation.

Independent valuations can be provided on a separate report for an additional fee.

Please note: Private valuations or valuations included in the RICS HomeBuyer Report cannot be used for lending purposes. A Lender will always instruct their own valuation using their own panel of Surveyors.

Q. How do I book my survey?
A. Click here to get an instant quote. Alternatively call us on 0800 007 3010 – option 1 and speak with a member of our dedicated Sales Team.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can book: Online via our website using PayPal, via BACS transfer or a member of our sales team will take payment over the phone by a debit or credit card.

Q. When can I expect to receive my report?
A. We aim to deliver all our reports within 3-7 working days from the date of the inspection which will be sent to you via email as a PDF document. Hard copies are available on request at an additional fee of £10.

Q. Do you test services (gas, electric, plumbing) during your inspection?
A. No – By Law, only qualified Gas Safe or Electrical Engineers can carry out tests and reports on services.

As part of our inspection, services are subject to a visual inspection only and are usually given a condition rating 3 as standard.

It is advisable to have services checked by an appropriate professional before committing to a property.

Q. Does the Surveyor check for damp?
A. All our Surveyors are equipped with a Moisture Meter. At the time of inspection damp readings are recorded from various points around the property. Where a reading is particularly high or where a Surveyor identifies a problem you may then be advised to obtain a Specialist report. A Damp and Timber specialist will undertake a more invasive inspection on the property advising on remedies and costings within their report.

Q. Will you tell me if the property has subsidence?
A. If there is evidence of movement past or present, our Surveyor would advise you obtain a specialist report such as a Structural Engineer Report. This report will follow a more invasive inspection on a particular area advising on remedies and costings.

Q. Can you comment on Cavity Wall insulation?
A. It is possible to identify if the property has Cavity Wall insulation however the type of insulation cannot be commented on as it will be hidden in the cavity.

Q. Can your Surveyor advise on Extensions/Alterations?
A. No –  the surveyor can only comment on the property in its current condition at time of inspection. For advice on extensions/alterations, works to be done/pricing you would need advice from a Structural Engineer and or a Reputable Builder firm.

We can mention that you are considering a possible extension however the remit of the report is limited to the condition of the property when inspected and not any future plans or works. Our surveyors will be able to comment on any elements that may complicate matters ie; location of drains/trees.

Q. Can we accompany the Surveyor during inspection?
A. Sorry we do not permit accompanied inspections. We will happily arrange for our Surveyor to call you within 24 hours of the inspection to discuss their findings.

Q. What happens if I have concerns with aspects of the service
A. We have a dedicated customer service team who will assist with any queries you may have. They can be contacted via email: