Valuation Report - What is it?

Whether you are purchasing a property, need a valuation for legal reasons or are unsure of the value of your home or assets, you may need a Valuation Report. All valuation reports include a professional value of the property and ensure that this is in line with the current market. The reports also identify any serious defects with the property and establish the re-instatement value for insurance purposes.

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Mortgage Valuation

A property valuation carried out by an agent appointed by and acting on behalf of your mortgage lender.


Valuations of property and assets of the deceased to be inherited.


Formal valuations utilised in settling disputes over the former matrimonial home and other property assets.

Investment Property 

Valuations on property which is bought, remodelled, or renovated and sold at for profit.


Valuations on a range of property investments

Valuations for Private Purposes 

Valuations based on personal use of a customer rather than to benefit a lender.