House Buyers Survey

Here at Miller Metcalfe Surveyors we specialise in the House Buyers Survey or Home Buyers Survey as it is more commonly known. If you are searching for a House Buyers Survey then you have come to the right place. House surveys will help you find out about the condition of the building and, if there are problems it will give you a powerful bargaining chip for negotiating the buying cost down or even to then ask the seller to fix the problems before you part with your money!

More than 7 million buyers don’t bother having a building survey of their new home, according to research. But this could put homeowners at risk of unexpected building work.

“Churchill Home Insurance” asked 2,000 adults across the UK whether they had a comprehensive building survey completed on their current home, they found that 14% never had one.

Of the 7 million this equates to 3.5 million buyers did not have any type of independent check and 3.6 million just had the mortgage valuation that their lender requested.

Buyers are scaling back on the level of survey they pick before buying their property, with the number of people having a basic mortgage valuation up from 63% in 1996 to 91% in the past 12 months.

In contrast, the number of homeowners having a full building survey has gone down dramatically, from 28% in 1996 to 6% in the past year.

This is a worrying sign and it is costing many home buyers thousands! More info can be found in the article below: