We offer a number of different reports however the following are our three most popular.

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RICS HomeBuyer report

The RICS HomeBuyer Report provides information and advice in relation to any serious problems or issues on the condition of your potential property.

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RICS Building Survey

The RICS Building Survey is the most detailed survey report available. You will get the most in-depth report available about your potential property purchase.

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Property Valuation

An independent valuation report provided by a professional, approved and qualified RICS local Surveyor.

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An inspection of the property and a report delivered on the same day. The report contains 19 sections consisting of a simple 1-10 scoring system that is easy to understand and jargon free.

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Valuation Reports

If you are looking to purchase a property and would like a private valuation or are unsure of the value of your home or asset, you may wish to commission a Valuation Report. Our valuation reports follow the RICS Red Book guidelines. These reports also include a re-instatement figure that can be used when obtaining quotes for building insurance. Miller Metcalfe Surveyors will assure you of a report that is accurate, affordable and above all, highly professional.


If you are purchasing a property you may wish to instruct a Home Buyer Report so that you know you are purchasing with complete peace of mind. The Home Buyer Survey and report has been designed to provide you with a clear understanding about the condition of the property and whether you are paying a reasonable amount based on the overall condition. Defects are highlighted in the report to allow you to budget accordingly ahead of committing to the property. The Home Buyer Survey is the most popular as it suitable on most properties.

RICS Building Surveys

If you are purchasing a property that is over 100 years old or any property that appears to be fairly poor condition this is the Survey to choose. Similar to the Home Buyer report this report provides condition ratings on all the different elements of the property however the Surveyor will include a more in-depth analysis on the condition of the property advising on any essential repairs.

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