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RICS Homebuyer Survey

This report is suitable for most properties of standard construction that have been built within the last 100 years and appear to have been well maintained. The RICS HomeBuyer report is jargon free and provides condition ratings for each element using a scale of 1-3 supported by surveyor comments and recommendations.

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What is it?

  • A report that will help you to make an informed decision on whether you should proceed with the purchase.
  • A report that highlights all potential issues and defects and advises on potential hazardous risks.
  • A report that advises if you are considered to be paying too much for a property!! It also includes a reinstatement valuation as standard!
  • A report that will inform you of the amount of ongoing maintenance that will be required so you know what you may be walking into.

What's Included?

A full visual inspection inside and outside of the property. Defects will be highlighted and you will be advised on any appropriate action required to rectify problems. Our Surveyors will check all accessible areas for damp using a moisture reader and complete a head and shoulders inspection of the loft area. As the HomeBuyer report advises on the valuation, you may even be able to renegotiate the purchase price based on our Surveyors findings. Think about it.....would you ever purchase a car without lifting the bonnet! A home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make, don't live to regret it, book your Survey today.

RICS Homebuyer Survey

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