Valuation Reports

Valuations are provided for a number of purposes to include: Private, Probate, Shared Ownership/Shared Equity, Reinstatement, Capital Gains Tax, Matrimonial, Drive By and Desk Top etc. Whatever the reason - we can help.

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Why Do I Need a Valuation Report?

  • You can be assured that it will be completed by a professional who has an industry recognised qualification.
  • This report will provide an independent view of the open market valuation

What is a Valuation Report?

We will arrange the inspection for you. The Surveyor will visit the property and conduct a basic visual inspection. In arriving at their figure they take into account a number of factors to include location, general wear and tear, any obvious signs of defects, saleability and comparable properties that have recently sold in the area. Depending on the reason for a valuation most follow the same format. Please be advised, Private Valuations are not suitable for lending purposes unless agreed by the lender in advance.

What Included?

  • A report provided by an experienced Chartered Surveyor who is also on the RICS Valuation Registration Scheme (VRS).
  • Depending on the reason for the valuation, this report will provide an independent view of the open market valuation taking into account the general condition and local sales in the immediate area.
  • A Valuation Report that follows the RICS Red Book Guidelines.

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